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Welcome to my OpenGL  page. 
This page is dedicated to implementing OpenGL graphics API using C++ Builder from Inprise/Borland. Almost all the examples requires OpenGLAPPanel component installed to compile correctly. 


Download OpenGLAP for CBuilder 4, v1.01
(Format .exe, size 148kb, CPPB4 source included, Downloads : .
This version is available in CBuilder 5, but requires a rebuild of the project before installation.
Download OpenGLAP for CBuilder 5, v1.03  
(Format .zip, size 188kb, CPPB5 source included, Downloads :
Download OpenGLAP for CBuilder 6, v1.08  
(Format .zip, size 195kb, CPPB6 source included, Downloads :
This component is a OpenGL panel, used to quickly implement a OpenGL window in your  application. Handling OpenGL options, automatic buffer swapping, Texture loading,   drawing of 3D/2D text. take a look at the OpenGL Clock example.
Download OpenGLAP for Borland Developer Studio 2006, v1.1.3  
(Format .zip, size 369kb,  source included, Downloads:
Bug fixes, multisample bds 2006 support, _T compile error, missing wglext.h.


These tutorials are based on NeHe Productions tutorials and ported to c++builder using my OpenGLAPPanel, and all respect from my site of NeHe's work on these tutorials. 

Download tutorial 2, First polygon 
(Format .zip, size 245kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
This is a very simple tutorial. It shows the basic of adding a triangle, and a square to the screen. 

Download tutorial 3, Colors 
(Format .zip, size 245kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Adding colors to tutorial 2 can be done with very little effort. It displays the difference between smooth coloring and flat coloring.

Download tutorial 4, rotation 
(Format .zip, size 247kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Now adding a little life to the tutorials by rotating the objects.

Download tutorial 6, Texture mapping 
(Format .zip, size 331kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Texture mapping adds bitmaps to polygons, and show how to load bitmap with the LoadBMPTexture() feature.

Download tutorial 7, Texture lightning & keyboard   
(Format .zip, size 405kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Now add some light to the box, and some rotation functionality to the keyboard to let you play a little more with the graphics.

Download tutorial 8, Blending 
(Format .zip, size 298kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Blending is used to simulate effect of glass, and combined with textures you can get a really great effect.

Download tutorial 9, Animated Blended Textures
(Format .zip, size 259kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Select a texture shaped as a star, add some blending with different colors, and the animate it creates this effect with animated stars.

Download tutorial 10, 3D World
(Format .zip, size 377kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Learn how to move around in a 3D world.

Download tutorial 11, Waving Flag
(Format .zip, size 273kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Waving texture flag.

Download tutorial 12, Display lists
(Format .zip, size 287kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
Example on how to manipulate display lists.


Download FullScreen 
(Format .zip, size 293kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
This little applications show how to enable fullscreen support with my OpenGL component.

Download Clock  
(Format .zip, size 358kb, Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included)
This example has become a bit of a messy source, but shows how to use the Draw3DText capability of OpenGLAPPanel, and includes fog effect, bezier curves, and some manipulation of textures.

Download Cube
(Format .zip, size 183kb, Version 1.0, source included)
OpenGL example on a rotating cube with a frame rate counter. Nice appz if you need a small benchmark application.
(Inprise C++Builder 3.0 source included, do not require OpenGLAPPanel)

Download Designer
(Size 252KB / Version 1.0b Beta).
Demonstration on OpenGL API, in Borland C++ Builder 3.
Demonstrates viewing, fly facilities, uses separate thread to handle
refresh rate on view port, dynamic object handling and much more.
(Inprise C++Builder 3.0 source included, do not require OpenGLAPPanel).

Download MouseFeedBack 
(Size 387kb / Version 1.0, CPPB5 source included using
OpenGL example on using the mouse or any window 2D xy coordinates with a 3D model. This example generates a list of 3D lines, and then calculates the nearest line to the mouse cursor.

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