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Welcome to my programming page. This page is dedicated to all of us developers who can't manage to get away from a computer. that's why most of these components is constantly under development, but I'm just a mail away if any of you experience any difficulties with any of my source.  


If you have a web site and believe this page contains a little bit of information that is worth linking to,
then please use this address : www.cppb.allanpetersen.com


Download DynDns
(Format .zip, size 32kb. Version 1.0.2 , release date 28.02.2002, no source)
This program updates the dynamic ip address to the danish dyndns service located at www.dyndns.dk.
Changes to version 1.0.2.
-  Verification of user name and password.
-  resolving host name to update only when nessesary.
-  fixed response check, on ex. wrong entered password.
-  fixed access violation on no server reply.
Version 1.0.1.
- First released version dyndns v1.0.1.

Download BFunc
(Format .exe, size 826kb. Version 1.02.8 , release date 14.04.2002)
The program extends Borland C++ Builder version 1.0-6.0 by
generating a fast function selection of current edited file.

Please read install.txt for further information on installation and license requirements.

Download CD-Drive
(Format .zip, size 363kb. Version 1.00, release date 10.Jan.2001 CPPB5 source included)
A small example on how to access the multimedia API's to control the doors on your CD drive.

Download Volume Control
(Format .zip, size 337kb. Version 1.00, release date 16.11.2000 CPPB5 source included)
This little volume control gives access to the master volume control of you soundcard and creates two global hotkeys (Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down). 
This enables adjustment of volume globally without swapping to the "Play Control" in windows.

Download WebCam
(Format .zip, size 228kb. Version 1.00, release date 11.11.2001 CPPB5 source included)
This little example is a small class to demonstrate the win32 calls for accessing your web camera.

Download TwainScanner version 1.0 
(Format .zip, size 309kb. Version 1.00, release date 27.01.2002 CPPB5 source included)
This is a twain implementation, to access your scanner in a multi document environment.
This demo handle all the twain routines for scanning, and translates the scanned result, to
a normal bitmap used by CPPB.

Download TwainScanner version 1.1 
(Format .zip, size 309kb. Version 1.01, release date 04.04.2003 CPPB6 source included)
Same as version 1.0 but upgraded to handle gray scaled images.

Download FC
(Format .zip, size 365kb. Version 1.00 build 5 , CPPB4 source included)

Download FC
(Format .zip, size 300kb. Version 1.00 build 7 ,CPPB5 source included)
Directory tree file/text search utility in a MDI environment. C++ Builder 5.0 source included.
Using search engine in local thread, and includes full directory file scan, and simultaneously text in file scan.
Good example on creating a MDI/multi threaded application.
Added date and time file scanning in build 7, and converted to CPPB5.

Download FastMath
(Format .zip, size 26kb. Version 1.00 ,CPPB5 source included)
Demo made to benchmark the difference on regular math routines from
Borland who call __matherr() and the special fastmath library. 
The demo includes use of high performance counter from the win32 API and example on how to change priority of your application.

Download FastMath
(Format .zip, size 323kb. Version 1.00 ,CPPB6 source included)
Updated version to support BCB6, and contains a minor fix caused by not using the _FM_NO_REMAP

Download Clock Checker
(Format .zip, size 335kb. Version 1.10 ,CPPB5 source included)
Utility to verify if the system clock is running correctly and creates a log when an error occurs.


Download MEM
(Size 173kb / Version 1.0)
Memory handling module library (mem.dll).
Includes malloc, realloc, free function,
who uses global memory object, and automatic init of new memory.
More reliabel than C++Builder standard malloc/realloc API functions.
(Inprise C++Builder 3.0 source included)

Programs - Exampels - Tutorials

Download CaptionLess
Format .zip, Size 215kb / Version 1.00.0, CPPB5 source included)
This is an example on creating a captionless form with a drag/move point.
A little trick with the windows messages, makes it very easy to do this.

Download Simple Directory Monitor
Format .zip, Size 315kb / Version 1.00.0, CPPB5 source included)
This is a tutorial for a simple directory monitoring system
based on a multithreaded monitor who transmits the update message
through the Windows message queue.

Download Advanced Directory Monitor BCB5
Format .zip, Size 319kb / Version 1.00.0, CPPB5 source included)
Download Advanced Directory Monitor BCB6
Format .zip, Size 391kb / Version 1.01.0, CPPB6 source included, improved bcb5 code)
This is a tutorial for a a bit more advanced directory monitoring system than the simple one above.
It is based on a multithreaded monitor who transmits the update message and the type of operation and
file who where changed through the Windows message queue.

Download Desktop Resolution Changer
Format .zip, Size 215kb / Version 1.00.0, CPPB5 source included)
A small example on how to get supported desktop resolution, and change it.

Download EnDecrypt
Format .zip, Size 33kb / Version 1.00.0, CPPB4 source included)
Here's a simple example that reads a user-entered line and
encrypts it using the xor method.

Download Win2KTweaker 
Format self ext. .exe)

New options in version 1.00.3
- Network Performance buffers.
- TCP/IP Data retransmissions.
- TCP/IP Connection Retransmissions.
- Mouse Controls to highlight links.
- Shell Execution of links.

View ScreenDumps of Win2KTweaker.

Download Plasma 
(Size 268kb / Version 1.0, CPPB4 source included
Example on using the TBitmap scanlines to access each pixel
on the bitmap, to create a plasma effect.

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